Release date: 3/29/2024

-omniEditor updated to version 1.1.8
-dreameditor.js updated to version 5.2.4 v20.1.2 (small fix)

Release date: 3/26/2024

-customer support page updated Android app bug fixes v20.1.1

Release date: 3/26/2024

-omniEditor updated to version 1.1.7
-dreameditor.js updated to version 5.2.3 Android app bug fixes

Release date: 3/25/2024

-omniEditor updated to version 1.1.6
-dreameditor.js updated to version 5.2.2

Release date: 3/23/2024

-omniEditor updated to version 1.1.4
-dreameditor.js updated to version 5.2.1

Release date: 3/22/2024

-omniEditor updated to version 1.1.0
-omniEditor released to Play Store v20.1.0

Release date: 3/21/2024

-terms of service update bug fixes dev console updated to version 2.3.0
-dreameditor.js updated to version 5.2.0
-omniEditor updated to version 1.0.8
-apps page updated
-website notification services updated
-bug report page ui updated
-copyright services updated
-customer support page ui changes
-bug fixes (bug fix update for omniEditor)

Release date: 3/16/2024

-omniEditor updated to version 1.0.6

Release date: 3/16/2024

-omniEditor web app released (small bug fix update)

Release date: 1/29/2024

-Various UI changes v20.0.4

Release date: 1/1/2024

-dreameditor.js updated to version 5.1.2 updated to version 2.2.4 bug fixes
-Settings UI updated
-Dark theme fixes v20.0.3

Release date: 12/11/2023

-Web service portal UI updated
-Website Settings UI updated
-New options added to website settings
-Added link to settings on login page
-Bug fixes v20.0.1

Release date: 12/9/2023

-dreameditor.js updated to version 5.1.1
-dreameditor.js beta is now deprecated and no longer available
-Web service portal nav menu updated
-Bug fixes v20.0.0

Release date: 12/3/2023 updated to version 2.2.3
-Backend services updated
-Web service portal updated
-Bug report page updated
-Login page updated
-Apps page updated
-Search index updated
-Site map links updated
-Customer support page updated
-Copyright management tools updated
-UI bug fixes bug fixes
-Terms of service updated v19.0.0

Release date: 11/9/2023

-UI improvements
-Website settings page updated
-Back end services updated
-Unused code and resources removed
-Privacy and terms of service updated bug fixes v18.8.2

Release date: 8/9/2023

-Login Page fixes
-Other bug fixes v18.8.1

Release date: 8/8/2023

-Web service portal updated
-Web analytics dashboard UI updated
-More info now required when registering new account
-Backend improvements
-Other general security improvements v18.8.0

Release date: 8/3/2023 updated to version 15.5.4
-Cloud services page updated
-Search page index updated
-Privacy and terms of service updated
-Bug fixes v18.7.6

Release date: 7/16/2023

-dreameditor.js updated to version 5.0.1
-Search page bug fixes
-Customer support page updated v18.7.5

Release date: 7/15/2023 updated to version 15.5.2
-UI improvements
-Bug fixes v18.7.4

Release date: 7/14/2023

-bmDev console ( updated to version 2.2.2
-bmCloud web service portal updated
-Site map updated
-UI improvements
-Backend Ad-services updated
-Customer support page updated
-Nav bar bug fixes
-Various other bug fixes
-Terms of service updated

Release date: 7/11/2023

-dreameditor.js updated to version 5.0.0

Release date: 7/9/2023

-Search index updated
-Backend upgrades
-Other small changes

Release date: 6/11/2023

-bmDev Console updated to version 2.2.1 updated to version 15.5.1
-dreameditor.js updated to version 4.5.1
-Cloud Services page updated
-Customer Support page updated
-UI changes
-Navigation menu updated
-Bug fixes

Release date: 6/1/2023

-dreameditor.js updated to verison 4.4.8 v18.6.0

Release date: 5/31/2023

-Search index updated
-Site map updated
-Website settings page updated
-Customer support page updated
-Apps page updated
-Privacy and EULA updated
-Website bug fixes

Release date: 5/30/2023 (bmDev console) updated to verison 2.0.2

Release date: 5/28/2023 updated to verison 15.5.0
-dreameditor.js updated to verison 4.4.6

Release date: 5/13/2023

-dreameditor.js updated to verison 4.4.4 v18.5.4

Release date: 4/24/2023

-Fixed bug that made some dark-mode text unreadable
-Other dark-mode bug fixes
-Site-map updated

Release date: 4/23/2023

-Site-map updated
-Other small changes
-Terms of service also updated v18.5.2 (small bug fixes)

Release date: 4/22/2023

-bmCloud Android app Bug fixes v18.5.1

Release date: 4/22/2023

-Small UI changes v18.5.0

Release date: 4/22/2023

-About button added on settings page
-Backend services updated
-Customer Support page updated
-bmCloud android app bug fixes v18.4.8

Release date: 4/21/2023

-Legacy bmCloud Android app is now deprecated and replaced with a new version
-bmCloud android app bug fixes v18.4.8

Release date: 4/20/2023 updated to version 15.4.4
-Fixed Notifications bugs
-bmCloud android app bug fixes
-Search page enabled for bmCloud android app v18.4.6

Release date: 4/19/2023

-Fixed Notifications not showing on certain devices
-settings page UI improvements

Release date: 4/18/2023

-Notifications are now enabled
-settings page fixes (Bug and UI fixes)

Release date: 4/17/2023

-Settings page updated
-Added link to settings on customer support page
-Added new icon to dark-mode button
-Various small bugs fixed v18.4.4

Release date: 4/17/2023

-dreameditor.js updated to version 4.4.3 developer console updated to version 2.0.1
-Website settings now has its own dedicated page
-User website settings like dark-mode are now saved even after session ends
-Added Dark-mode
-Search index updated
-Homepage UI updated
-Added settings button to footer
-Footer UI improved
-Added more icons to buttons
-Various Bug fixes
-Typo fixes
-Small backend changes
-Terms of service and privacy policy updated v18.4.2

Release date: 4/15/2023 updated to version 15.4.1
-dreameditor.js updated to version 4.4.2
-Homepage UI updated
-About section updated
-Website local storage improvements
-Search index updated
-Web catalog updated now saves user settings even after session ends
-Front-end code clean up
-Website loading optimizations
-Unused resources removed
-Terms of service and privacy policy updated

Release date: 4/14/2023

-dreameditor.js updated to version 4.4.0

Release date: 4/13/2023

-dreameditor.js updated to version 4.3.0

Release date: 4/11/2023

-dreameditor.js updated to version 4.2.0

Release date: 4/10/2023

-dreameditor.js updated to version 4.1.0 (small update)

Release date: 4/8/2023

-dreameditor.js updated to version 4.0.2
-Terms of service and EULA updated v18.4.1 (small bug fixes)

Release date: 4/7/2023 updated to version 15.4.0 developer console updated to version 2.0.0
-UI updated
-Search index updated
-Apps page updated
-various bug fixes v18.4.0

Release date: 4/6/2023

-dreameditor.js updated to 4.0.0
-dreameditor.js now installable as Firefox addon
-Firefox web browser now fully supported by all core website services
-Search index updated
-Apps page updated
-Backend upgrades
-Small bug and typo fixes
-Unused code removed
-Unused resources removed
-Lang set to english for web-app v18.3.4

Release date: 3/28/2023

-dreameditor.js updated to version 3.3.6 updated to version 15.2.3
-customer support page updated
-bug fixes v18.3.3

Release date: 2/24/2023

-dreameditor.js updated to version 3.3.3 Developer Console updated to version 1.0.0
-UI improvements
-bug report page updated
-privacy & EULA updated (bug fix update)

Release date: 2/21/2023

-dreameditor.js updated to 3.3.1
-various bug fixes v18.3.1

Release date: 2/20/2023

-dreameditor.js updated to 3.3.0
-dreameditor.js beta version now available
-dreameditor.js beta version now on play store
-login pages updated
-web service portal updated
-Apps page updated
-Privacy and EULA updated
-bug fixes

Release date: 2/18/2023 updated to version 15.1.8
-default font size changes
-Privacy and EULA updated
-other small changes

Release date: 2/17/2023

-dreameditor.js version 3.2.7 released
-Privacy and EULA updated v18.2.7

Release date: 2/15/2023

-Developer Console beta version 0.0.1 released
-Cloud services catalog updated
-Updated web service catalog
-added bug tracker link to bug report page
-UI improvements
-fixed login issues
-Privacy and EULA updated v18.2.5

Release date: 2/5/2023 updated to 15.1.1
-dreameditor.js updated to version 3.2.5 updated
-Website footer updated
-Added dns management to cloud services
-Updated web service catalog
-Privacy & EULA updated
-Other small changes v18.2.4

Release date: 2/4/2023 relaunched 15.1.0
-new Domain shop added
-UI changes
-Search index updated
-Customer support page updated
-Unused code removed
-Apps page updated
-Cloud service backend upgrades
-Developers link added to footer
-Site map updated
-Various bugs fixed v18.2.3 (small fix)

Release date: 1/3/2023

-various bug fixes across all websites
-dreameditor.js updated to version 3.0.1
-bmCloud UI changes
-typo fixes v18.2.3 (2023 update)

Release date: 1/2/2023 version 15.0.2 released
-Web service catalog updated with new services
-Apps and software page updated
-Customer support page updated
-Contact information updated
-description updated
-About section updated
-bmCloud UI changes
-unused html tags removed
-search UI and index updated
-new bug report system added
-typo fixes
-Added enterprise email hosting to cloud services
-footer updated
-date updated v18.2.2

Release date: 12/15/2022

-Customer support page updated
-Contact information changed
-About section update
-Other bmCloud UI changes
-new bug report system added
-typo fixes v18.2.0 (2023 prep update)

Release date: 12/5/2022 version 15.0.0 released
-dreameditor.js version 3.0.0 released website updated
-Apps and software page updated
-Customer support page updated
-Search index updated
-Faster loading for all webpages
-other optimizations
-About section updated
-bmCloud nav UI changed
-Other bmCloud UI changes (small update)

Release date: 11/22/2022

-Terms of service & privacy policy updated v18.0.1 (small bug-fixes)

Release date: 11/21/2022

-DjBlount now on Google Play Store
-bmCloud now on Google Play Store
-bmCloud & DjBlount Android icon fixed
-app archive page updated
-manifest id properly declared
-various bug fixes v18.0.0

Release date: 11/15/2022 UI updated & various bugs fixed beat store updated tos updated

-dreameditor.js updated to version 2.2.2
(Original release date: 11-11-2022)
-dreameditor.js released to Chrome Web Store

-sview.js released to Chrome Web Store
-default HTML document lang set to English for all html pages
-cloud services page updated
-game server hosting services added to bmCloud
-search UI updated
-web service catalog updated
-web service add-ons page updated
-login page ui changes
-homepage ui changes
-horizontal view fix
-customer support page updated
-added new contact information
-various other bug fixes
-security improvements
-speed improvements
-new apps added to software archive
-updated refund request page
-updated site-map page
-about section updated
-bug report page updated
-change-log footer updated
-unused resources removed
-terms of service & privacy policy updated v17.7.8

Release date: 11/8/2022 ui updated
-dreameditor.js webapp updated
-new app page added search page updated
-bug fixes v17.7.0 (backend upgrades)

Release date: 10/24/2022 now installable
-all webapps hosted by upgraded to support manifest v3. search page updated
-UI changes v17.6.4 (search update)

Release date: 10/5/2022 search officially released & updated
-icons added to navigation
-other changes v17.6.3 (search preparation)

Release date: 10/4/2022 search "beta" added
-backend services updated cloud services updated
-terms of service and privacy policy update
-typo fixes v17.6.2

Release date: 9/12/2022 updated -beat store updated
-added customer support link to all support pages cloud services updated
-web service catalog updated
-terms of service and privacy policy update
-typo fixes v17.6.1 (small update)

Release date: 9/1/2022 updated
-All basic web services upgraded to use SSL by default
-faster load times across all services (bug fixes)

Release date: 7/19/2022 updated
-All images given alt attributes
-user portal fixes
-typo fixes
-other changes v17.6.0 (optimization update)

Release date: 7/18/2022 updated
-Search Robots file fixes
-Manifest file support added to all sites
-Service worker support added to all sites
-Website cache settings changed
-All images given alt attributes
-Ad services platform update Analytics platform update
-Typo fixes
-Unused resources removed
-Ui changes
-Backend upgrades
-Faster loading for all websites
-Web services page updated
-Login page updated
-Links page removed
-sitemap and sitemap page added
-New cloud services added
-Terms updated (small update)

Release date: 6/26/2022

-typo fixes
-terms of service updated (quick-fix)

Release date: 6/22/2022 updated
-dreameditor.js updated to version 2.0.2
-dreameditor.js now on google play store
-links page updated updated
-web services page updated
-terms updated
-user portal updated
-bug fixes v17.5.1

Release date: 6/20/2022 updated new beat store added
-new backend analytic services added
-faster load times
-menu icon size fixes
-terms and privacy policy updated v17.5.0

Release date: 5/24/2022

-about section updated
-new cache settings
-backend updated
-terms updated
-other various bug fixes v17.4.4

Release date: 5/11/2022 bug-fixes
-about section updated
-fixed broken links
-login page updated
-user portal updated
-basic website stat fixes
-terms updated
-other various bug fixes v17.4.2

Release date: 5/3/2022 updated to version 14.4.4
-backend changes
-purchase history page layout updated
-all web forms properly centered
-about section updated
-fixed missing images/icons
-added forgot password link
-user portal updated
-added basic website stats for all users
-terms and eula updated
-various bug fixes v17.4.1

Release date: 4/17/2022 updated to version 14.4.2
-unused tags removed
-other website fixes v17.4.0

Release date: 4/2/2022 updated to version 14.4.0 v17.3.1 (bug-fix update)

Release date: 2/28/2022 updated to version 14.3.2
-dreameditor.js updated to version 1.2.1
-small bug-fixes v17.3.0 (terms of service update)

Release date: 2/5/2022

-terms of service and ELUA updated
-bug fixes
-Web service portal updated
-price changes v17.2.9 (web service update)

Release date: 1/22/2022 updated to version 14.3.0
-customer support page updated
-Web service portal updated
-web service catalog updated
-price changes v17.2.3

Release date: 1/20/2022 updated to version 14.2.3
-dreameditor.js updated to version 1.2.0
-donation link and page fixed
-copyright management services added to support page
-Web services updated v17.2.2 (2022 update)

Release date: 1/1/2022

-dreameditor.js updated to version 1.1.9 updated to 14.2.2 user portal bug fixes
-new copyright management services
-customer support page updated
-links page updated
-Web services updated
-Terms and EULA updated v17.2.0 (2022 preview update)

Release date: 12/15/2021

web service list updated
Terms of use and EULA updated v17.1.2

Release date: 11/22/2021

New User account system introduced
Purchase history now available through account
Navigation menu updated
web service catalog updated
Customer support page updated
All backend web services upgraded to PHP 8
Backend server improvements
Some sub domains deprecated
Terms of use and EULA updated v17.1.1

Release date: 11/18/2021 v17.1.0

Release date: 11/6/2021

-Updated payment portal
-Web service catalog updated
-navigation links updated
-UI changes v17.0.0

Release date: 10/29/2021 updated to version 14.1.1
-Terms of service updated
-Privacy policy updated
-Backend services updated
-GUI resources now served from server
-old user accounts and data manager deprecated
-New Web services added
-Added new payment portal
-Links page updated
-Customer support page updated
-Old website resources removed
-Various Bug fixes v16.0.1

Release date: 9/4/2021 updated to 14.1.0
-dataManager updated to version 3.0.2
-customer service page updated v16.0.0

Release date: 8/29/2021 updated to 14.0.1
-dataManager updated to version 3.0.1
-customer service page updated
-web service catalog updated
-software page removed. App List moved to web services page officially deprecated. All accounts moved to
-unused resources removed
-terms of service updated v15.1.9

Release date: 8/18/2021 updated to 14.0.0
-Links updated
-terms of service updated v15.1.6

Release date: 5/8/2021 updated to 13.2.2
-datamanager updated to 2.2.4
-homepage ui changes
-domainshop removed from web service catalog v15.1.5

Release date: 4/25/2021 updated to 13.2.1
-datamanager updated to 2.2.3 -Add create new service link to about section
-Analytics removed from web service catalog
-Domain for sale list updated
-Customer support page updated
-Links page updated
-software page updated
-Some legacy software removed v15.1.4

Release date: 4/7/2021

-tos update updated 13.0.2
-data manager updated to 2.1.2
-web service catalog updated
-domain shop updated
-search removed
-software page updated
-links page updated
-nav menu changes
-homepage layout changes
-footer updated
-some services removed and/or changed
-backend bug fixes
-upgrade options added to data manager
-copyright date updated
-Meta data update v15.1.3

Release date: 3/12/2021 updated to 13.0.1
-Customer support page updated
-New privacy link on homepage
-TOS and EULA update v15.1.2 (user experience update)

Release date: 2/12/2021

-Contact section updated
-Domain shop updated updated to 13.0.0
-Datamanger updated to 2.1.1 updated to 0.0.4
-Customer support services updated version number removed from top of change-log
-Account fixes
-Other bugs fixes
-New contact now page v15.1.1 (2021 update)

Release date: 1/1/2021

-Datamanger updated to 2.1.0 updated to 0.0.3 updated to 3.4.2 updated to 1.3.4 updated to 12.7.4
-Domain for sale list updated
-Copyright date updated
-Terms of service updated v15.0.1 (2021 preview update)

Release date: 12/23/2020 launched updated to version 2.9.0 Datamanger updated to version 1.2.9
-Added server storage usage
-Added SSL/TLS (secure socket layer) status
-Added link to in web services
-Host information added
-software page updated
-web service catalog updated
-can now shop domains we have for sale
-Customer support page updated
-About section updated
-Added version number to change-log
-new meta description
-developer resource page removed
-multimedia page removed
-footer ui changed link removed from footer
-Terms of service and privacy policy updated discontinued v15.0.0

Release date: 12/2/2020

-User accounts moved to
-New web service portal
-New data analytics portal updated to 12.7.3 updated to 3.0.0 is now for website analytics only updated to 1.1.3 ad-services update analytics Dashboard updated
-Customer support page updated
-Software archive updated
-Multimedia page updated
-Links page updated
-Web service catalog updated
-news page removed
-Terms of service update
-UI changes
-Small changes, typo fixes and bugs smashed.
-Back-end preparation for 2021 updates. v14.9.0

Release date: 11/22/2020 updated to version 12.7.2
-homepage updated
-media page updated
-software page updated
-small back-end changes v14.8.9

Release date: 11/6/2020 launched updated to 2.2.5 updated to 12.7.1 updated to 3.0.1 updated to 1.1.2
-homepage updated
-nav buttons changed
-developer page updated
-links page updated
-software page updated
-media page added
-terms of service and privacy policy updated v14.8.3

Release date: 10/29/2020 updated to 12.7.0
-terms of service updated v14.8.2 (bug fix)

Release date: 10/26/2020 updated to 12.6.4
-developer resource page updated
-some icons changed
-typo and link fixes v14.8.1

Release date: 10/9/2020 launched updated to 12.6.3
-links page added
-footer updated
-advertisers page removed v14.8.0 (bug-fix update)

Release date: 10/6/2020

-developer resource page updated
-software page updated
-small fixes and other changes v14.7.9

Release date: 10/4/2020 official launch updated to 12.6.1 updated updated to 2.2.4 updated to 1.1.1 updated
-software page updated
-pictures link added to homepage
-navigation buttons updated
-backend analytic service update
-privacy policy update
-terms of service update v14.7.3

Release date: 9/12/2020 updated 2.2.3 updated to 12.5.4 membership service introduced
-customer support page updated
-software page updated
-change-log ui fixes
-various other fixes
-backend updates
-terms of service update v14.7.1

Release date: 8/29/2020 updated 2.2.2 updated to 12.5.3
-SSL enabled for all core services by default
-web service catalog updated
-customer support page updated
-New official support email added
-contact section updated
-typo fixes v14.7.0 (security update)

Release date: 8/28/2020

-SSL enabled for all web pages
-Custom error page added for pages that no longer exists
-added Error message to warn user that JavaScript is disabled.
-unused images removed
-website description updated
-developer resource page updated
-bug report link removed from homepage
-sever status removed from homepage
-Server status added to customer support page
-Ui changes
-backend upgrades for private servers
-Ad-services platform update
-terms of service update
-privacy policy updated v14.6.2

Release date: 8/26/2020

-customer support page updated
-developer resource page updated
-advertisers page updated
-link fixes
-about section updated v14.6.1 (quick bug-fix update)

Release date: 8/22/2020

-web service catalog updated
-search link removed from homepage "still can be accessed from menu"
-typo fixes
-small UI changes
-various bug fixes v14.6.0 (customer support update)

Release date: 8/21/2020 updated to 12.5.2 updated to version 2.2.1 updated
-software page updated
-developer resource page updated
-web service catalog updated
-footer layout changed
-Ad-service platform update
-search page updated
-various back-end changes to improve speed for user services
-request_refund page added
-customer service link added to contact section
-various bug fixes v14.5.0

Release date: 8/14/2020 launched
-software page updated
-web service catalog updated
-developers page updated
-about section updated
-terms of service update
-Other small fixes v14.4.9

Release date: 8/9/2020 updated to 12.5.1 updated to 2.1.9 updated to 1.0.9
-software page updated
-web service catalog updated ad-services platform update
-developer resource page added
-advertisers link added
-Server status link fix
-footer updated
-Other small fixes v14.4.2

Release date: 7/29/2020 updated to 12.5.0 updated to 2.1.1
-software dev. page updated
-software page updated
-back-end bug-fixes and changes
-terms of service updated v14.4.1

Release date: 7/11/2020 updated to 12.4.9 updated to 2.1.0 updated to 1.0.8
-Ad-services added to web service catalog
-software page updated
-terms of service and privacy policy updated v14.4.0

Release date: 7/9/2020

-small fixes updated to 2.0.1
-software page updated
-cloud storage link removed from homepage v14.3.5

Release date: 6/11/2020

-terms of service update
-privacy policy update
-1TextEditor initial android version 1.0.0 released 1.0.0 released closed beta released updated to 12.4.2 updated to 2.0.0 updated to 3.0.0
-software page updated
-added cloud storage link to homepage
-web service catalog updated
-some price changes v14.3.1

Release date: 5/13/2020

-terms of service update
-UI fixes
-new icons added
-nav bar button color change
-changelog layout updated
-catalog updated v14.0.1

Release date: 5/7/2020

-web service catalog updated
-software archive updated
-search engine updated
-fixed nav bar bugs
-change-log header updated
-meta data updated
-other small fixes v14.0.0

Release date: 4/30/2020

-New fixed navigation bar
-HTML document structure changes
-New meta data changes
-Css theme updated
-other ui changes
-search engine updated
-web services Catalog updated
-Backend updates
-Submit software bug page updated
-Donate page updated
-Unused html tags removed
-Changed default font
-Ad placements updated
-Page header and footer updated
-Terms of service updated v13.1.2

Release date: 4/21/2020 updated to 1.1.4 updated to 12.3.4
-software page updated
-terms of service update
-small fixes v13.1.1

Release date: 4/6/2020

-search re-introduced
-about section updated updated to 2.0.7 updated to 12.3.3
-homepage ui changes
-css theme updated
-software page updated
-submit software bug link added to change-log and software page
-nav bar changes
-various backend changes
-typo fixes v13.0.3

Release date: 3/18/2020

-dreameditor64 version 1.0.0 released updated to 1.0.2 updated to 2.0.4 updated to 12.3.1
-donate button added to homepage
-small ui changes
-terms of service update
-webservice catalog updated v13.0.1

Release date: 2/22/2020 updated to 1.0.1 updated to 2.0.1 updated to 12.2.3
-aserver 0.0.9 beta released
-software page updated
-webservice catalog updated
-typo fixes and other small changes
-terms of service update v13.0.0

Release date: 1/1/2020 updated to 1.0.0 updated to 12.2.2
-pay link added to homepage
-homepage updated
-web service catalog updated
-footer updated
-advertisement changes
-CSS style updated
-contact info updated
-added more customer support links
-bug fixes and other small changes
-terms of service update v12.1.1

Release date: 11/25/2019 updated to 12.2.1
-web services catalog updated
-free web services added to catalog
-software devlopment page updated
-developer page temporaily removed
-website list page removed
-apps page renamed to software
-news page updated
-footer updated
-about section updated
-ad optimizations
-typo fixes
-terms of service update v12.0.9

Release date: 11/6/2019 launched
-user accounts officially reintroduced
-homepage updated link added homepage footer
-website list updated
-web services catalog page added
-ads removed from homepage
-other ad optimizations updated to 12.1.9
-advanced web services price change
-new add-on services added to catalog
-advertising removed from service list
-login button added to homepage
-terms of service update v12.0.0

Release date: 10/10/2019

-default charset for all pages set to UTF-8 web app version updated to 2.0.0
-dlist download link fix updated to version 12.1.7
-app page updated
-website page updated
-terms of service update
-ui bug fixes
-other small changes v11.1.3

Release date: 8/28/2019

-homepage updated
-website page updated
-terms of service update v11.1.2

Release date: 8/13/2019

-master server list page removed
-other small fixes v11.0.9

Release date: 6/9/2019

-news page fixes
-software tab name changed to apps
-software page updated
-developer page link updated homepage jpeg image removed
-description added to homepage v11.0.5

Release date: 6/5/2019

-news page added
-footer updated v11.0.4

Release date: 6/1/2019

-server page updated
-terms of service typo fix
-other small fixes v11.0.3

Release date: 5/31/2019

-server page list added
-file and game server services officially supported
-terms updated
-website list updated
-software archive updated v11.0.0

Release date: 5/17/2019

-footer changed
-software page updated
-website list updated
-homepage updated
-terms of service update
-privacy policy update v10.5

Release date: 5/14/2019

-software development service page typo fix
-software page updated
-website list updated
-homepage updated
-link to development services added to software page
-other small fixes v10.4

Release date: 5/1/2019

-software development service page added
-software page updated
-footer updated
-navigation updated
-other small fixes v10.3

Release date: 4/29/2019

-new windows application launched Dlist v1.0.1
-software page updated
-website list updated
-terms of service update
-other small fixes v10.2

Release date: 3/22/2019

-new webapp launched cloudeditor v1.2.1
-software page updated
-website list updated
-copyright year updated
-terms of service update
- privacy policy update v10.0

Release date: 10/12/2018

-image optimization/compression
-search removed
-data recovery and computer repair removed from service list
-ad optimization
- website version added to footer
- website changelog added
- software page added
- terms updated
- privacy policy update
- removed some links from website page
- new server opimizations
- domain managment services officially supported
- server status page removed
- css theme updated project
Created by Jason Blount.